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Paperclip Chain

Paperclip Chain

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Elevate your style with our dainty Paperclip Chain. Its minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to any look, perfect for layering or wearing solo. Crafted with care, this delicate chain offers a modern twist on a classic style. Whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual, this versatile piece will quickly become an everyday favorite. 

The Paperclip Chain is a must-have layering piece and is great to pair with our other Gold Filled Necklaces, Pendants, or wear solo.

Want to personalize this chain with your initial letter or that of a loved one? Check out the Carta Pendant style necklace with this chain.

Necklace Length

With a Regular Clasp: 

  • 16 inches + 1 inch extender, or
  • 18 inches + 1 inch extender, or
  • 20 inches + 1 inch extender

With a Magnetic Clasp:

  • 16 inches, or
  • 18 inches, or
  • 20 inches

Clasp Style

Magnetic Clasp: Tired of struggling to clasp your jewelry? Add a magnetic clasp! These clasps are incredibly strong, and will only open with a strong enough pull. These are a must-have for:

  • Wearers of reading glasses - no more squinting at your clasp trying to open or close it
  • Those who like to keep long nails - let's be real, fiddly clasps are not happening with these talons!
  • Mothers of young ones - kids like to grab and pull stuff, be it hair or jewelry! Magnetic clasp necklaces simply open when pulled instead of breaking into little choking hazards.
  • Folks with mobility issues of any kind - a bad shoulder, arthritis, you name it - these clasps make wearing jewelry easier and more accessible.

Regular Clasp: A fan of the classics? We'll keep it original for you. A 1 inch extender is attached to the end of the necklace to give you some length options.

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