About LucyKitty

LucyKitty was born when - fed up with seeing my favorite jewelry tarnish all too easily, I decided to do something about it. After a deep dive into researching durable materials, rigorous quality checks, and several experiments in jewelry design, we launched our first collection on Halloween in 2021.

We are named after my cat, Lucy - my studio assistant who likes to loaf next to me while I make jewelry! 🐈‍⬛ 

All our jewelry is assembled in-house, and we look forward to launching several new and unique collections in the years to come. 

We pride ourselves on helping people connect with themselves and the people important to them through jewelry, all the while fixing the problems that hold people back from wearing the jewels they want to. At our pop-up events and in our online shop, folks often create very meaningful and personal pieces, thanks to the highly personalized and customizable nature of our designs.

We've helped mothers create bracelets that honor all their children, friends who want necklaces to match to stay connected when far apart, folks who want to adorn their fingers with rings that don't hurt their arthritis, new mothers who want to wear necklaces that don't break when their children tug on them, folks who want to commemorate a furry friend who has passed, and more.

We invite you to be a part of the process of designing your own new favorites - design a necklace based on your birthday, a bracelet to honor your pet, earrings for your best friend, and more! What’s more - your new pieces will be gold-filled, which means they can keep up with you as you live your life - surviving water, sweat, and wear, yet staying as golden as ever.

Stack up on rings that always fit, skin-safe earrings, necklaces that don’t tarnish, and bracelets that are a breeze to put on. With every piece we create, we aim to fix something that is usually annoying or imperfect about that type of jewelry, offering up layers of gold that you will want to wear every day - for more reasons than one! ✨

Contact us for custom work at hello@lucykitty.com

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