The Magic of Magnets

We’ve been making necklaces since day one. And since pretttyyyy much day one, we’ve had magnets. 
Our magnetic clasps, which can be added in place of regular clasps in any necklace, anklet, or bracelet, make jewelry extremely easy to wear. Like close-your-eyes-and-do-it-with-one-hand easy. 
These magnets are super strong, and require a strong tug to open, which means they stay put until you want to open them - just like regular clasps.
Just look at how easy it is to wear necklaces and bracelets with these!

Model is wearing the Zia Chain 

Model is wearing the Mira Fine Bracelet

You will love these clasps if you:

  • Are lazy like me! These are honestly a breeze to put on and you are ready to go so quickly.
  • Like to keep long nails: There are no small clasp toggles to stick the tip of your nail into. Just pull to open and snap to close.
  • Have any mobility issues: If you struggle with shoulder mobility, finger dexterity, arthritis, or anything that impairs your ability to do tiny, fiddly actions, these will make your life so much easier.
  • Wear reading glasses: You don’t have to be able to see what you’re doing to easily wear these!
  • Live alone or don’t like chasing down the people in your house to help you wear jewelry: Running to ask someone else to clasp your bracelet might really be the worst part about wearing bracelets. I’ve had so many folks tell me that they dislike it so much, it actually prevents them from wearing bracelets!

Fun fact: When I first started making jewelry with magnets, my mom actually brought all her necklaces to me and told me to ‘fix them’ - she wanted magnets on everything! As someone who is always looking for her reading glasses, she swears she is never going back to regular clasps.

There are two ways to shop our magnetic clasp jewelry:

View any of our
Bracelets, or
and select 'Magnetic Clasp' before adding to your cart.
- OR -

Start from scratch with
Design Your Own Necklace,
Design Your Own Bracelet, or
Design Your Own Anklet,
and select the ‘Magnetic Clasp’ option in your chosen base chain.

As always, email us at with any questions, comments, or concerns!
Have our magnetic clasps made your life easier? We would love to hear about it!
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